There was once a time when I reviled jumpsuits.

“Ugh” I thought, “let’s leave that trend in the 70s thank-you-very-much” *insert eye-roll here*.

But slowly, over time, I began to come around. I saw Emma Watson rocking a jumpsuit; I saw Emma Stone ROCKING the jumpsuit. And the more I came across images of awesome women rocking awesome jumpsuits, I started to see just how ballsy jumpsuits could be. Wearing a jumpsuit seems to be like wearing a neon sign that confidently screams “I AM HERE”. It can look totally empowering. And who doesn’t want to feel empowered? So, I thought, “if those two awesome Emma’s could rock jumpsuits, could this Emma?”

And yet, I still wavered. It wasn’t until about a month ago when my co-workers, without missing a beat, told me after I expressed my hesitation, that I could without any doubt totally pull of a jumpsuit. Since then, I haven’t be able to stop thinking about them!

Now, even though I’m not buying any clothing for 2014 — I am having serious jumpsuit lust. And after looking at about a million of them from all over the internet, I’ve determined that the key to a good jumpsuit is fit. Just like everything else having to do with clothing but maybe even more so, you just have to make sure it fits and flatters. Easier said than done, I know.

Which of course means that buying it online is an extremely bad idea, but that doesn’t stop me from looking!

Some favorites:


And those, friends, are my feelings about jumpsuits. Do you have feelings about jumpsuits? Am I crazy lady (probably, I just devoted about 200 words to my indecision over my like of a pieces of clothing)?

Rompers — jury’s still out on you, but it’s much more skeptical.


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