About Me

(photo by Bernarda Gospic for The Varsity)

Hello! Salutations!

So, you would like know something about me? Here are some things:

I like books and dogs more than I like most people; my favorite color is pink and I am almost always cold. I read very quickly and frequently. I have a horrible poker face and used to be a very picky eater but am trying my best not to be. One day, I will be a librarian, I think. I have lived in California, Toronto and Providence. But above all, I want to be known for being kind.

(photo by Bernarda Gospic for The Varsity)


7 thoughts on “About Me

    • Oh I know my Marshall McLuhan, you don’t graduate from University of Toronto without reading some of him.

      • I’ve only read “Understanding Media”. I find I learn something new every time I pick it up, but not necessarily from him. For me it’s one of those rare books that can really help a person think…to think for themselves, though it seems in these days that is not what one is supposed to do?

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