On Keeping a Book Journal

I’ve always struggled with keeping a diary (very much in the same way I have trouble keeping up with this blog). The pressure of having to write in it every day just gets to be too much. There are only two kinds of journals I’ve managed to keep successfully: travel journals (both my trips to the UK were recorded for posterity) and a little book diary (well… I also manage keep a kind of common place book, but that doesn’t count really).

The habit of keeping a book diary was something I stumbled upon. Basically, someone very thoughtfully gave me one, so I started to keep one. But I’ve found it to be a really marvelous thing!

When I finish a book, I write a little review, summarizing my feelings on the book. Every now and again I’ll flip through the pages, musing over the various books I’ve read and recalling what I’ve thought about them, often remembering to recommend one thing or another. I find the whole thing just very… nice.

Have you ever kept a book journal? Do you keep another kind of journal?

PS. If you’re interested, I rounded up a little collection of book journals you can buy, just in case you’re inspired :)


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