Winter is the Cruelest Month

I know, I know, it happened again. Let’s just move on, shall we.

It has been crazy cold for what feels like forever. A “warm” day is when the low is up to fifteen degrees. Some weeks, it’s a “warm” day when there’s a low of ten. The constant freeze makes me feel like it will never be truly warm again. Luckily, unlike in Toronto where the sun seemed like a distant memory from November through April, the sun shines in New England through this frigidness (which is actually really sneaky and deceiving because even though the sun is out, it is not a guarantee that it will be any warmer than it would be if it was overcast — actually, it’s often much colder).

Le sigh. I guess, this is what happens when you move from California (to Toronto) to New England. At least it’s very pretty, no?


7:30 am at the Providence statehouse


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