3 Soups for Non-Soup People

Up until very very recently, I did not really like soup.

It felt so “same-y” to me! Spoonful one would be great, spoonful two would be good, by spoonful five my mouth was bored and I was done.

But really, I wanted  to like soup — I really did! It’s good for you, you can make a lot of it and eat it the next day, it’s usually pretty cheap to make and in the dead of winter a warm bowl of soup can be like a warm hug for your chilled bones. I didn’t want  to be a soup-hater, but there I was, hating soup.

Not wanting to admit defeat (uncharacteristically — usually if I don’t like something, I don’t like it and I never will), I started by no longer eating canned soup (I’ve given up on that stuff) and trying a whole bunch of different types of soups — chunky soups, smooth soups, pasta soups and traditional veg. Lo and behold, I found that there are soups in this world that are not boring at bite five, and here they are: three fantastic soups for people who do not like soup.

1. A potato and carrot soup via Saveu.com 

This is one of my go-to soups. It’s a real crowd pleaser, let me tell you.

2. A roasted tomato soup via Smitten Kitchen

Deb — patron saint of cooking — is my kindred soup spirit, admitting that she too finds soups same-y, but not this soup, NEVER this soup. And it’s true. Also, three words: Cheddar. Cheese. Lid.

3. A 44-clove garlic soup via Smitten Kitchen 

Deb does it again! Not only is this soup divine, it also makes your kitchen smell like roasted garlic.

Happy slurping!

PS. there is a forth soup lurking in the archives if you need more



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