Fulfilling Expectations

Do you ever wonder about what your younger self would think of who you are today?

As I move further into adulthood and establish a life of my own, I often think about what 13-year-old Emma would say about 23 year-old-Emma. My expectations for my life at that time didn’t go very far beyond wanting to be an actress and have Orlando Bloom as a boyfriend, but clearly, neither of those things worked out as planned (yet — call me any time Orlando).

But at that age I don’t think I gave much thought to what kind of college I wanted to go to or where I wanted to live when I grew up, I was just concentrating on getting through the torture that was middle school. What would my 13-year-old self say about moving to Canada? Would she be tickled? Worried? Scared?

I don’t even know if my 13-year-old-self could imagine the life for herself that I have today. To be honest, I think she’d be a little amazed. Not because my life is so amazing (well it is to me, but you know), but because it’s so outside the realm of what she expected to happen. I like to think she’d be excited, and hopefully comforted by the fact that everything turns out.

Ten years is a long time, isn’t it?

What were your expectations for your adult life at thirteen? What are your expectations for yourself in ten years from today?


3 thoughts on “Fulfilling Expectations

  1. Hi Emma, Interesting question. I’ll give you my answer when I see you. Lots I of good movies playing. perhaps we could see one of them. What do you think? Love, Nonno

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