Currently Coveting: Open Cardigans

We’re in a weird weather place in Providence right now. Fall is making way into winter and mornings might be freezing while the afternoons are simply chilly (it’s actually oscillating between snow and sleet this morning!). The temperature gap can make dressing difficult. And the problem is only compounded by the fact that the thermostat in my office seems to permanently be set at fifty degrees.

An open faced cardigan in a dynamic print — which is basically a glorified and stylish blanket– seems to be the perfect solution to my weather woes. I’ve had my eye on a few of these beauties all season, but have yet to take the plunge. Mostly because I love them all…

open cardigans


(Usually, I like to mix up where I source my clothing posts from, and I know that this one is a little heavy on the ModCloth, but what can I say! They have the best sweaters this season.)


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