Back and Better Than Ever?

So we took a little unexpected hiatus there didn’t we?

The last time I posted (oy, all the way back in September), things were a little up in the air for me.

Mainly, I had been laid off from my job. It was not expected. Nor was it fun.

Because, in case you haven’t heard, finding a new job is hard. It’s time consuming, tiring and incredibly frustrating. All I really have to say about the process is: COVER LETTERS I HATE YOU.

I, however, seem to be incredibly lucky because I was only unemployed for about four weeks before being offered — and happily accepting — a job as a marketing assistant at a publishing company in Boston.

That’s right, I’m living the dream! So it turns out, being laid off was the best thing for me (I fully acknowledge that this was by far the best case scenario and even though I now have to wake up at six am five days a week, I thank my stars for this opportunity every single day.)

But this is all to say that adjusting to a new job and a new commute has been time consuming and exhausting. I haven’t really had the brain space to do much more than work, come home and make dinner. I’m hoping to achieve a better work-life balance, but you’ll have to bear with me, we might go on hiatus again.

In all this time, however, I haven’t forgotten about my little online space here. Quite the contrary actually.

I’m hoping that this will be the dawn of a new blog with more reoccurring features like fashion spreads, recipes and book reviews. Sound good?

Here’s a little collage of what I’ve been up to since my last post. Let me just say, if you haven’t been to New England in the fall, you are seriously missing out.


Also, I’m now on Instagram! Follow me @emsarconi


5 thoughts on “Back and Better Than Ever?

  1. Loved the blog and photos, but didn’t know what those little cups of “stuff’ were and I barely recognized the dude in the famous chair forcing a smile.
    Love, Nonno

    • Thanks Nonno! The little cups of “stuff” is actually paint and as for the dude with the smile, he’s just some guy I know :)

  2. Dear Emma, Congrats on getting the job. You don’t say what publisher. Is it Godine? And how bad is the commute from where you live? Or are you moving to Boston? Am just back from New Haven where I was doing some book judging for Yale. Nice town. Unbelievable art gallery. If you and Nathan have not seen it, you must find a way to get there and see it. Otherwise, there isn’t much else to do in the town. I agree–New England is wonderful to drive around in. I prefer the smaller centres to the bigger. Plus none of them has Rob Ford for mayor!

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