And just like that, it’s fall in New England.

The air is crisper, the days are shorter and the mugginess has melted away (not a day too soon).

One of my favorite things about living on the East Coast (Toronto included. Fall actually makes me so nostalgic for Toronto, my heart aches) are the seasons. In California, the transition is more gradual, the first couple weeks of September mesh with the last weeks of August and it’s not really until Halloween that things begin to feel “brisk”. This year in Providence, fall seems to have come over night.

Everything is turning over: Nate has started his second year at Brown (!), I have an exciting opportunity on the horizon, soon the leaves will go. I’ve always felt that September makes a better beginning of a New Year than January and this year, we were invited to celebrate Rosh Hashanah with some dear friends, making that feeling even more so.

What are my hopes for this new year?
I want to make better use of my time: be active and fill my days with intent instead of being lazy or flittering away the hours. This last year, I took my time to breathe in post-school-life. This year, it’s time to learn how to be a productive human who is not in school (I’ve never done it! It’s harder than it seems!).

I think that fall may in fact be taking over as my favorite time of year.


8 thoughts on “Fall

  1. NYE should be moved to August 31st – everyone would feel better about themselves and you wouldn’t have to freeze to death to celebrate.

  2. Dear Emma, Love your blog. I can really relate to your feelings about September because that’s the way it was in Denver. Nonna and I always loved the fall months, the air, color, change. September was always an important month to us because it was the month we got married. October probably feels that way for your parents. So, it’s onwards and upwards for you. Good. Go for it. Best to Nate. Love, Nonno

    • Dear Nonno, thank you! I hope you get to see some of that fall colors on your trip to Colorado in a couple of weeks! Take lots of pictures for me :)

  3. Emma, I’m with you when you start the Fall as NYE movement! Maybe its because I’ve been an Ontario girl my whole life, but Fall has always been the most wonderful season and time of year. There’s just something so perfect in the air. So happy you’re well, I miss you and Nate. And your Nonno sounds so much like mine, and Nonno’s are pretty much the greatest people on earth. Best of luck always <3

    • I agree! I sense a revolution is in order. Thank you :) We miss you too and hope you’re doing well! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to visit since leaving, hopefully soon!

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