Spotlight: Saddle Bags

When it comes to accessories, I tend to gravitate toward all things simple and functional. I don’t like to have to think too much about if my purse will fit my book/ wallet/ cell phone or if it will match my outfit, I just want it to do it and do it well. I’ve found that my trusty crossbody saddle bag is the perfect combination of reliable, function and fashionable.

Bought on Etsy for way less than you would expect, my used vintage fossil bag and I have been around the globe together. The many pockets make for easy storage and the leather exterior means that across rain and dirt and snow it has always kept everything nice and dry.
Now, I’m not in need of another fold-over crossbody, but maybe you are. Below are five options that I think are fab and would hopefully fill your heart with the same contentment that I’ve found with my bag, because everyone deserves to find true love.

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