Summer Reads Part Four: Disneyland!


For a long time, my family went to Disneyland ever two years. Sometimes we would fly, sometimes we would drive. Sometimes we would stay in a Disney hotel, sometimes we would stay at a Ho-Jos. Ultimately, it didn’t matter how we got there, or where we slept because we spent all our time in the park. My parents have Disneyland down to a science, I swear. It’s a really magical place for my family, but we haven’t been all together in a long time. Hopefully in the next year or two, not only will the family get to experience Disney together again, but maybe even with Nate in tow (who’s only ever been to Disney World and that was a long time ago)!

To help set the mood while waiting in line, or taking an hour by the pool, I would suggest reading something kid-oriented, but adult friendly (though the Grimm’s stories are so gruesome that I don’t even know if they’re adult-friendly, but they certainly do go with the theme).

This wraps up my little summer travel book recommendations series! Hope you found something to read during your next big adventure. Happy travels!


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