Summer Reads Part Three: Far Away Lands

When I went to the U.K. the first time (I love adding “the first time”, it makes me feel so worldly, when really I am not), my mom suggested I bring Gone With The Wind because she knew that beyond the flights being long, I would spend a lot of time on a bus getting from point A to point B.

I would need something to do! A 700 page book would give me something to do!

Let me tell you, I read exactly half a page of that book on that trip. It was 100% the wrong thing to bring. It just ended up taking up room in my already stuffed suitcase. Plus, I already had something to do: talk to the 45 other people on the trip. Or sleep.

Keeping this in mind, the second time I went to the U.K. I brought no books besides my text books, thinking that if I didn’t bring something to distract me from my required reading, it would be more likely I would do my required reading.

Let me tell you, that was a wrong assumption.

Because when you’re on an overcrowded train from Edinburgh to London, you do not want to be reading a textbook.

Halfway through the program, I ended up borrowing a grocery store paperback called To Marry a Prince, which was a fictionalization of the Kate Middletown story. Although To Marry A Prince made for great mocking material, since several other girls in the program also read it, there are MUCH better things to read abroad.

Adventurous things. Engaging things. Worldly things. Inspiring things.

Below are my suggestions, but what do you read on exciting trips? Short stories I also think work well.

Far Away Lands

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