Proust Questionnaire Pt. Deux

Did you know that my blog is now four years old (it happened last week!)? The girl who started this blog four years ago — fresh out of high school, just starting college, just falling in love, just living on her own – is so different than the girl who writes this blog today. Or at least it feels that way sometimes. I mean, at the very least am short one appendix. That has to count for something, right?

Many moons ago, I posted my answers to the famous Vanity Fair Proust Questionnaire. In the spirit of evaluation, change and time, I thought I’d do it again, but this time, instead of answering Proust’s “confession” questions, I’d respond to his “confidence” ones (there is some overlap).

{Edited slightly for the sake of length}

The Principal Aspects of my personality

I see myself as strong, hardworking, sensitive and bright, but no guarantees that that’s how others see me.

The quality I desire in a person


What I appreciate most about my friends

Loyalty, sincerity

My main fault

I worry too much

My favorite occupation

I like to help

My dream of happiness

To have everyone I love in the same place at the same time

What would be my greatest misfortune

To be completely alone

The country where I should like to live

If they ever invent a teleporter, I’d move to England in a heartbeat

My favorite prose author(s)

Austen, Faulkner, Hemingway, Fowles, Dickens, Bryson, Neffinegger, McEwan

My favorite poet(s)

Eliot, Auden, Rich, Parker

My heroes in fiction

Henry DeTamble, Atticus Finch, Ferdinand the Bull

My favorite heroines in fiction

Nancy Drew, Elizabeth Bennet, Ella of Frell

My heroes in real life

My parents and grandparents, my boyfriend, my best friends

My heroines in history

Elizabeth I, Grace O’Mally, Katharine Hepburn, Susan B. Anthony, Helen Keller

My favorite names

Nora, Georgia, Henry

What I hate most of all


Historical figures I despise the most

The many abusers of power and influence.

The military event that I admire the most

Oh this question is so interesting! Too bad I know so little about this realm that I don’t really feel I can answer it. Although, I do always smirk a little at Stalin’s defeat of Hitler during the Second World War; it was horrible and lots of innocent people died, but there is a kind of sick satisfaction in that even though the Nazis were so sure that they could win the eastern front, it was actually a fiasco. They lost quiet badly (as did the Russian people) and underestimated who they were dealing with. I like that Hilter’s ego was his downfall here.

The reform I admire the most

The New Deal (Does this count as a “reform”? Just to be safe, The Clean Air and Water Act was also pretty awesome, as was The Civil Rights Act, the passage of the 19th and the 15th Amendments and the Affordable Care Act.)

The gift of nature I would like to have

More patience and the ability to play an instrument

How I want to die

Quickly, quietly and when I’m ready

My present state of mind


Faults for which I have the most indulgence

Well intentioned mistakes

My motto

Take Chances, make mistakes and get messy

I’d love to hear your answers and insights into some of these questions! I think they say so much about a person. I definitely struggled with some of them (embarrassingly, mostly the history ones).  I think there is a lot of value in taking inventory of yourself every once and a while, even if it does seem a little self-involved to then post it on the internet. What do you think?


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