Ah, Friday

Do you have any big plans this weekend? Nate organized the first ever Jane’s Walk Providence, so we’re going to be pretty consumed with that (if you’re in Providence, come!). But I’m also hoping to slip in a trip to the movie theatre, maybe see Iron Man 3. It’s been a kinda crazy week so I’m thinking the theme for the weekend will be “low key”.

Below are some links to enjoy:

–Maybe I’ll muster up enough energy to make these Oatmeal cookies, they look fab.

This new-to-me blog post from Dooce’s archives made me laugh hysterically… and then feel sorta bad about it

Living in: Mary Poppins

New York Elsewhere — different cities around the world translated into NYC terms (The section on Toronto made me laugh (“clubbing district = meatpacking district. Dont’ go there” “Chinatown = Chinatown. Except Toronto’s is rather more impressive.” –> oh yeah! I miss you, Toronto).

— And another recipe (just to be safe): one bowl chocolate cake

May your weekend be merry!


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