Monday Reminders

Tomorrow is going to be our seventh storm of the season (…? I think it’s the seventh. IT’S SO MANY THAT I’VE LOST COUNT).

Thankfully, it will also be our last storm of the season. Not because we won’t have another storm — as the people in the comments section of the Providence Journal’s story on the impending storm helpfully pointed out, there was once a HUGE snow storm on April 1st — but because at least the calendar says that Wednesday marks the beginning of spring.

And for all of you thinking to yourself, “Emma, you love snow. What are you complaining about?” I say, “this is not snow, this is cold slush falling from the sky making everything it touches cold, damp and miserable” and also “bite me,” not necessarily in that order.

Anyway, let’s keep more cheerful things on the brain, shall we? Mondays are hard enough as it is.


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