DIY: Framed Flowers

For Valentines Day, Nate got me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers from a local shop — the first bouquet he’s ever bought me! They lasted a shockingly long time (the daisies are actually still going), but by far my least favorite thing about flowers is that they die. So before they were too far gone, I decided to press and then frame a couple of them just so I could always remember that first bouquet (are you rolling your eyes at the cutsiness yet? that part’s over, I promise).

IMG_0211What you’ll need:

  • flowers
  • wax paper
  • some heavy books
  • a frame

Step One:

Pick a couple of flowers and cut the stems to a reasonable size. From my bouquet, I chose one of everything but the spiders, since I thought they were too voluminous to be pressed.

Step Two:

Lie one sheet of wax paper on the table and carefully arrange the flowers so that when they are flattened, they look the way you want them to (ie: do you want to see the center of them? then you need to place them with the center facing upward).

Step Three:

Place another sheet of wax paper on top of your arrangement, move the whole thing out of the way and plop your stack of heavy books on top of the whole thing.

Step Four:

Wait at least a week (I waited three) and uncover. Arrange your freshly pressed flowers on a piece of paper and slide it into your frame.



Easiest thing ever right? I mean, it takes all of five minutes (if you discount all that waiting) and it’s so easy I feel a little bad even calling it a DIY, but I’m really happy with the result. You can do this with any plant matter you want, too. I did it with ferns once and made some nice book marks.

Happy pressing!


PS. If  you like crafting, check out my co-worker Elyse’s blog/ book Tinkered Treasures


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