Happy Monday morning!

The chill is slowly lifting and I am excited.

Saturday in particular was just glorious. I took the bus over to Brown to buy a new book (The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides) at my favorite bookstore and on the way picked up a great cup of tea and some Girl Scout cookies. The sun was shining and the co-eds were out in their ridiculous hipster garb and everything was just peachy. Not even my sinus infection could bring me down!

In honor of spring time, today’s theme is flowers (keep an eye out for a flower themed post later today). And in honor of today’s theme, here is a little inspirational quote to take the sting out of Monday morning.


3 thoughts on “Bloom

  1. The Marriage plot is SO good. (Not quite as good as Eugenides’s other novels, but still very good.) Eat some thin mints/samoas for me!

    • I’m looking forward to it! I didn’t really like Middlesex all too much (I haven’t read The Virigin Suicides yet), but I have hopes for Marriage Plot.
      Mmmmmmm, they are so delicious.

      • Definitely less traumatic than Middlesex and the Virgin Suicides. Very literary in, mostly, a good way.

        Enjoy them! (Slash, I am SO jealous of you. I must get my mom to send me some…)

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