Storm Story

This past weekend was one for the history books in so many lovely little ways.

I was sent home early from work on Friday due to the encroaching snowpocolypse, arriving back through the front door just as Nate was getting up for the day. We lazed the day away. I did laundry, played some video games and watched the snow gradually accumulate. By five it was coming down pretty strong (“down” might be the wrong adjective since it was snowing in about six different directions, including up). By seven, dinner was done but so was the power (and the heat!). Two hours later, however, it was back, much to Nate’s joy — he didn’t really know what to do with himself sans power or internet. Clearly I myself am not entertainment enough.

Saturday morning, calm and clear, was a dream. We stepped out into a world of beautiful white, the streets unplowed and unshoveled, the roads deserted.

I was too giddy to handle it. It was amazing.



One of the most wonderful things about the storm was the calm that descended in it’s wake. At ten in the morning, the transportation ban issued by the government was still in full effect, the few cars on the road had plows attached the front of them and drove slowly down the main street. The world was soft, quiet and peaceful. Although it was void of it’s typical hustle and bustle, the street wasn’t eery, but tranquil and content.

Wandering around, the few other people we passed waved or nodded or said “hi,” one kind woman even offered to take our picture. And although Nate will tell you that it’s blurry, I love it because it represents that small town sensation that invaded Providence for one snow filled morning. For those few hours, the world slowed and devolved to a time before cars and computers. It was just us and the snow, nothing more.

It was short-lived, but so beautiful.

Then on Sunday I went sledding. Oh, darling, sledding down a snowy hill is one of the great joys in life. There is really nothing like it.

Image 3Image

Gripe all you want, but I wouldn’t trade my weekend with Nemo for anything in the world.


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