In Search of Art

Among the many blank walls in my house (the living room is entirely clear), the one that is currently gnawing on me the most is the empty space above the kitchen sink. Bare, it stares at me every day, non-existent eyebrows raised, as I fill up my electric kettle and I think to myself “yeah yeah yeah I know, you’re blank,” before walking away and continuing on with my day.

When I close my eyes and envision the space, I see a large print of the golden gate bridge in a nice black frame. Specifically, this print:

Lovely, no? The poster runs an entirely affordable twelve dollars and can be found at your local Ikea. Which is precisely why I haven’t bought it yet. Nate likes the art, but not the fact that it’s from Ikea. He thinks that the mass proliferation of the poster diminishes it’s integrity (or something like that). I don’t really care if other people have it, I want it.

And so we are at an impasse.

In the pursuit of compromise, I’ve been perusing Etsy hoping that I will find something I like just as much for a similar price. Here are some contenders:

All are nice photos, but none grab at me in the same way the Ikea print does and they are much more expensive than the Ikea print is. So what’s a girl to do? I like to support the little independents and I really did give it the old college try to find something else, but the Ikea print is what I want at the price I want it at. I can’t imagine anything else over that sink!

(PS. don’t think I’ve forgotten about Toronto, I’ve got my eye on this little print too)


4 thoughts on “In Search of Art

  1. I think you should talk to Uncle Matt about buying one of his prints of the cable car coming over the California Street. The one dad has in his office. Not cheap, but it would meet both your and Nate’s specs.

  2. Nate is wrong. The first rule of art buying is buy what you like and can afford. How is buying a print at IKEA different than buying a Beuys multiple?

  3. Hey lady,
    Being the only partially employed artist that I am right now I’d be happy to contribute something to your home! I’ve done a few larger (12x9in) pieces for friends and family for their walls- at this point I’m not charging anyone because I’m happy to get the practice! I’ve been working mostly in watercolor so I’m also happy to do small pieces too (I’m kicking myself for not thinking of this when you two had your big anniversary!) Let me know- no pressure :)

    love, Andie

    • Andie that would be awesome!!! I would totally love that :)

      Mom: yeah, I thought of that. His prints are a little too pricy for me right now, but hopefully in the future!

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