Wool Throw

As the weather has started to cool, my mind has turned to all things snuggly. Since we moved from Toronto, we lost a considerable amount of throw blankets, as most of the really good, really warm ones belonged to my roommate Liz (today is her birthday actually!), and thus, I’m starting to consider our blanket options. I am currently leaning most prominently toward a nice plaid wool throw.

My parents have a nice bright red wool throw and I think I’d like one too. Etsy is overflowing with cheap vintage ones. What is your favorite type of blanket? Do you like the soft and plushy or thin and warm?



3 thoughts on “Wool Throw

  1. Try Ross for great prices on blankets, sheets, and comforters. I got great fleece sheets (even softer than flannel) and a lightweight microfiber blanket that’s really warm without being too heavy. I also just got a beautiful comforter for $20…

  2. No Rossi? Unthinkable!! Do you have Big Lots? Bed, Bath, & Beyond? Target? JC Penneys? Maybe you could find something online?

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