Working World

Well, I’m working! The final piece of the Providence move has fallen gloriously into place. Today was my second day as a marketing and external affairs administrative assistant.

Technically, I’m only a temp, but there is the possibility that I will be offered a permanent position if I am impressive enough (as a side note, if you’re looking for work, I would highly recommend signing up with a temp agency. The one in my area proved to be amazing).

Even though this job isn’t my dream job, I feel like I’m moving forward by building my skill set and beefing up my resume. It doesn’t hurt that everyone at my office is really nice and doing really commendable work. That being said, I haven’t given up on my dream job. One of the great things about this job is that it is really super flexible and part time. Which gives me the freedom to say yes if someone offers me a lovely internship smelling old books all day (*hint hint*).

That being said, I am exhausted tonight, and all this rainy, windy weather makes me want to do is curl up with a nice book and a great smelling candle.

And I can do that now. Because I’m working. And for the first time I don’t feel guilty for blowing off my homework or like my leisure time is part of being stuck in the doldrums.

I did learn something very important at my job today: printing labels is what we’re all going to be doing in hell


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