An Ode to Autumn

Well, it seems that fall is upon us. The temperature has started to dip as the steady stream of eighty degrees Fahrenheit is interrupted by a wayward seventy seventy, then two seventy fives, until I wake up this morning and the high for the day is seventy three. The air is so perfectly crisp that all I feel like doing is flinging open all the windows, pulling on my new extra warm socks, burying myself in blankets and basking in the atmosphere. Am I crazy or does the beginning of fall have a certain special smell?

September and October are definitely some of my favorite months and I’m glad that this feeling of utter delight is proving to not be connected entirely to the starting of a new school year (though I do miss school, believe me).

But, what are your favorite things about this time of year? Now that we’re living in New England, I feel like there are all these quintessential fall traditions that need to be explored. We went apple picking in Kitchener last year, but I’d love to do it again this fall. And of course there’s pumpkin carving (I’d also love to go and pick my own pumpkin), but what else East Coasters?
PS. Love love love this scarf, it feels SO “early fall” to me.


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