Well, it happened. We moved, not without some major annoyances (I’m looking at you flea infestation and dead water heater!), but the apartment itself is lovely. Nathan did a really good job guys. Someday soon, when the living room/office isn’t 95% boxes and I’ve put up some photos/posters, I’ll post some pictures. But for now just know that we have a lovely lovely space with a fabulous kitchen and lots of light.

On Friday, Nate’s parents, who were gracious enough to drive us from Kitchener and help us move, took us to swanky summer escape Newport Rhode Island where we took a tour of “The Breakers,” former summer abode of the Vanderbilt family. It was incredible. I’ve done my fair share of famous people mansions (Blenheim Palace), but The Breakers is spectacular. You’re not allowed to take photographs inside the house, but here are some I snagged off the internet.

That’s the outside, dining room and library.

These photos really don’t do the place justice, you’ll just have to go see it for yourself. Trust me, it’s worth it, and there is a great “cliff walk” that roams through the backyards of all these grand mansions. Nate and I are already planning to go back to The Breakers for Christmas time when they’ve decked the halls and all that.

So far, we’re really happy, albeit a little itchy (damn fleas).


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