Making New Friends

Joanna Goddard over at Cup of Jo posted article today — written by her husband — about the difficulties of making friends as a post-college adult. Funnily enough, this is one of my largest worries about moving to Providence. How on earth am I going to meet other people? I don’t want to rely on only meeting people through Nate, I’m actually pretty confident that at the very least I won’t be a hermit because of this single factor, but what I’m really worried about is finding my own people, carving out my own space, my own life in Providence. Friends are a big part of that. I’m hoping that I will get a job where there are a lot of young people who will want to get after-work drinks or come over for Thanksgiving and to watch the election with (I’m actually so preoccupied about how in our cable-less existence Nate and I are going to watch the election in November). I’m a perfectly friendly person when there are people to be friendly with, reeling them in isn’t a problem, it’s finding them in the first place! How do you do it? How do you make friends in a totally new environment when you can’t talk about class schedules, majors and that test last week?



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