Until Next Time

This has been an insane week. For one, my bed was taken to Nate’s parents house so we opted to sleep on air mattresses in our big empty apartment to really stretch out our time in the city. But today was the big day. We left our keys in the mailbox and said goodbye. I teared up a little as the cab pulled away.

I am so grateful for my time in Toronto. I came here fresh out of high school, happy for the opportunity to remake myself in a new environment, but, as per as sappy rom com will tell you, I didn’t really need to remake myself, I just needed to find myself. Living in Toronto made me realize how much I love books. It made me realize how much I want to work with books. I wonder sometimes if I would have reached the same conclusions elsewhere (I don’t think I would). Toronto confirmed my love of cities, my confidence on public transportation and expanded my food horizons. It gave me insight into another country as well as my own (I had the ultimate study abroad). I found some of the best friends here (the best friends).

As exciting the next couple of years propose to be, I wish I could linger just a little longer and I look forward to coming back.

So right now, I am back at the good ole Buffalo airport, waiting to fly to California and see my brother graduate for high school (they grow up so fast!). After that, my family is flying out to Toronto to see ME graduate (WHAT????), and around that time I’ll post my little guide to Toronto, because really, you can skip the CN tower.

Have a lovely weekend :)


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