Happy Friday!

Today marks the beginning of my last week living in Toronto (for now). I feel like in order to no constantly be on the verge of tears, I need to also constantly qualify my moving situation. Everything is “for now.” It’s always “I might be back.”  I am open to the possibilities. Life is an open book right now and I honestly have no idea what the next year (two years, five years, ten years) will bring. I’m trying to embrace that, because that’s the reality.

Some time next week, two things are going to happen. One: I’m going to write a little love letter to Toronto and my time here. Two: I’m going to change the blog name (it will no longer be accurate). So that’s something to look forward to! For now, enjoy your weekend. Americans in America: happy memorial day! Canadians in Canada: hope the humidity doesn’t make you too miserable!

Here are some bits and pieces from around the internet:

Design Sponge National Stationary Show Post 

Cute purse from Target

Going to make this sangria tonight, yum!

The Curator’s Code 

Octopus, Octopie, Octopodes, Octopuses 



2 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Dear Emma,
    Sorry I won’t see you before you leave town. But, as you say, I’m sure you’ll be back some day soon. Have a great trip and stay in touch. Bon voyage!

    • Dear Greg,

      I will most definitely be back. Maybe next time I can take you out for dinner. Hope you’re well.

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