Couldn’t Help Myself

Lands End Canvas is having a pretty bombastic sale. I’m usually a pretty cautious shopper. I don’t buy stuff easily. Why do you think 65% of this blog is me drooling over things. Usually, I only buy stuff I really like. Sometimes, I’ll buy something I like but not love if it’s cheap enough. These shirts were cheap enough but also really practical.








I know they look like they are the exact same shirt, but apparently they are, in fact, very different?

The green one is just regular cotton and I think more casual and the purple one (which I bought in a lovely marigold color) is a cotton poplin (whatever that means).  I inherited a lovely Eddie Bauer flannel from my mom a couple of years ago that I practically live in during the winter and I think these will be the warmer weather alternatives? Totally office appropriate right?

I’m really excited about the marigold. This look was bouncing around the internet for a while and I couldn’t get it out of my head when I chose that shirt.


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