Happy Friday!

Have awesome weekend plans? I just won tickets to a reading by War Horse author Michael Morpurgo via TWITTER of all things (thank you Walrus Magazine!), so I guess I’ll be doing that on Sunday! Twitter is a weird weird thing, friends. Davids Teas actually tweeted at me today as well and I was SO excited. I got all giddy and turned into a teenage girl, “they noticed me!!!” STRANGE THING. I don’t think I’m a Twitter convert yet (not yet Liz!), but maybe I could be persuaded…

Here are some other things around the internet I feel like sharing today:

Rules of Summer (feeling the hair thing, might add some intense reading)

Fabulous cupcake recipes (how’s a girl supposed to choose!?)

Raspberry Basil Mojitos 

A pretty dress  (love it!)

Some dreamy bouquets

Lovely photo of a couple camping in Glacier Bay National Park (I’m having a serious outdoing longing right now)

Have a wonderful weekend!


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