Book Review: The Hunger Games

So what did I do this weekend? Read The Hunger Games. All three. One weekend.

It took me maybe six hours to finish the first Hunger Games book by Suzanne Collins. That assessment also might be generous. I know, I’m about the LAST person on the planet to read them, but I was kinda busy reading Anna Karenina and stuff, so cut me some slack okay? Anywho, everyone I talked to had pretty much the same story as mine: they have inhaled those books, gobbled them up, annihilated them, whatever metaphor you want to use they read them really really fast.

And, I understand now. I totally understand.

The Hunger Games is infectious. That’s not to say that it’s a perfect book, the conflation of first and third person narration is kinda annoying (no one would ever describe themselves as “pulling their long dark braid into my hat” during internal narration) and the language was simple, but the story was downright infectious.

First, lets just throw out a nice big “FINALLY” for Katniss Everdeen. Its about time someone wrote a fabulous, totally lovable and strong lead female character who has a heart and kicks TOTAL butt. I love Tamora Pierce’s Alanna of Trebold, but those books didn’t really capture the imagination of the nation the way The Hunger Games has, and as admirable as Hermoine is, Harry Potter is still about the boy who lived. Katniss really is in a league of her own. I could go on and on about how utterly AWESOME Katniss is and how I will lovingly force these books down the throats of my children (be they daughters or sons) as required reading, but instead, here is lovely video link (that contains spoilers) to a fantastic review of feminist issues in The Hunger Games. 

If you, like me, haven’t read The Hunger Games yet, do. Really. Add it to your list. I think that not only is it important, in a way, to understand what all the fuss is about (since I expect/hope that this book will ultimately define a generation of young women), but also just because it is just so much fun. In private, I will describe this series with a whole bunch of inappropriate expletives, because I don’t feel there is another way to fully convey my excitement and joy over this texts. SERIOUSLY. I get it now.

(as a side note: I’ve added a little reading list page at the top that includes books I want to read and have already read with links to the reviews)


2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Hunger Games

    • haha I am! but they’re also pretty easy to read (the language is simple, but also they’re so good that you just want to get through them asap!)

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