Fun Story

Well hello there! I just took a rather unexpected hiatus, didn’t I? Cool story bro, Nathan broke his arm on Saturday while I was still in California. On Tuesday I flew back to Toronto to immediately spend all day Wednesday, and Thursday in the hospital with him until he finally had surgery on Thursday night. Friday, we basically hung out while I attended to his needs. You really forget how much you use both of your hands. He’s still on the mend and pretty much confined indoors, but I think the hard part is pretty well over.

Can I get real for a second here? The past six weeks have basically been the most insane/ intense/ stressful/ sad of my life. Sure, bad things have happened to me. I’ve felt down and out from time to time, but these past six weeks OH BOY were they the opposite of fun. More things have ended — both actually and metaphorically — than I tend to list, more things are changing than I tend to list, there have been several crisis’ and until school was out I was about shoulder high in assignments. There has just been so much to deal with. I step back and I look at the past six weeks and add up all those little lists and am amazed that I haven’t been crying more. There has been remarkably little crying. Clearly, all this is not the worst than can happen to a person, but so far, I think this is the just worst that has happened to me so far. I am just so grateful for my friends and family who have kept me sane for the last little bit. There have been several moments, especially while I was hulled up in the library desperately trying to finish my thesis, where I felt the whole weight of my life on my shoulders only to have someone I know come up to me at just the right moment, say hi and strike up a conversation. Those little moments have kept me breathing.

I feel good about the way I’ve handled all this stress. Frankly, I feel like an adult (dun dun dunnnn). But I think things are going to be a little less stressful for at least the next four weeks (until I move out of my apartment). So thank you for letting me bare my soul a bit, I hope it makes other stressed out people feel less alone in their stress.
SO, here are some snap shots from my time in California. The weather was GORGEOUS and it truly made me realize how good we have it over there. Ugh, even now, as I look out my window in the dark grey Toronto sky, I miss it. Green hills and blue skies come back to me!


2 thoughts on “Fun Story

  1. I’m sorry the past few weeks have been so stressful, I know how you feel! The end is in sight though, you can do it!

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