Replacing Stella

I’m flying home tomorrow for six days of some seriously needed family time. I get to do all the things I normally look forward to when I’m home — watch HGTV with my mom, see my grandma, go on walks around the reservoir with my dad, hang out with my friends — but this time, I’m also getting a new computer.

To give a little background knowledge, I received my first laptop as a high school graduation present — a dark blue 15 inch Dell Inspiron 1520. I dubbed her “Stella” and we have been pretty inseparable ever since. I’ve written all my papers on her including my thesis, but after four long years, she’s getting old. Her microphone doesn’t work very well anymore. The headphone jack doesn’t work at all.  She’s running slow, freezes all the time and her little virus shields aren’t what they used to be. She’s also really big, so I’ve never really been able to take her anywhere. In all, it might be time to send Stella to the farm. The little voice in the back of my head that screams “no!” as I type that tells me that I’m too attached to inanimate objects and should stop naming them…

But as hard as it is to let her go, as my university graduation present my parents have generously bought me a macbook pro, or as my dad calls it, “that cult product.”

The one really nice thing about macs is that they are so design friendly, which means that in addition to my “Howl if you <3 City Lights Books” bumper sticker, I can buy an awesome laptop skin!

I’m currently pretty excited about this one from Society6 (they also have a ton of really cool iphone cases and some lovely stationary) :

But there are so many to choose from! Like this one, this one and this one.

Do you have awesome mac accessories? Or any tips for a soon-to-be mac user? Or even more basic: mac or PC? A little part of me is still a smidge wary about this cross over into the dark side. I’ve only ever had a PC!


4 thoughts on “Replacing Stella

  1. You’ll be just fine! Morgan was also a little wary at first but after about a week of getting used to the trackpad she took to it like a fish to water.

    We got everything moved over and she hasn’t looked back since. Her Sony Vaio makes for a lovely paperweight though.

    As for tips: don’t plug it in all the time – apparently they are designed to be used as notebooks not desktops (imagine that) so the less you leave it plugged in the better your battery life will end up being. Just charge it up, and then when you’re running low on juice plug it back in. This seems like a silly tip but it actually does make a difference.

    Also, grab yourself an iTunes gift card so you can start buying stuff from the Mac App store. You’d be surprised the stuff you’ll find, and the ease of being able to do updates painlessly, and reinstall your apps if you ever move to another computer is fantastic.

    Migrating iTunes can be a little bit tricky but not too painful. Apple also has the “Migration Assistant” to help get things transfer from your PC to Mac. I’ve never done it, and always went the manual route but it is totally possible to do, and I’m pretty sure the Apple store will help your out for a small fee, or possibly even free.

    And of course, any questions don’t hesitate to ask your boyfriend our myself.

  2. I’ve actually heard the plug about the plug in thing! Nathan actually doesn’t believe me about it, but it’s definitely something I wish I had done with my old laptop, her battery life is THE WORST.

    Apple thinks of everything don’t they? That migration assistant is awesome (just googled it). Honestly, part of the reason I wanted a mac was the whole apple store thing. I can’t imagine how many hours of my life I’ve wasted on the phone with someone in Bagalor (or where ever).

    Sa-weet! Thanks Mr. Schoales. Glad to have a mac expert on my side :)

    • And I’m happy to help! Apple may not pay me to do so, but I figure if I do long enough maybe they’ll catch wind and upgrade my phone for free one day haha.

      Yeah the battery life thing is one of those weird things where depending on who you ask you get 7 different answers. You don’t need to completely deplete it constantly – you can certainly plug at only 50% or something like that but I’ve been told several times now, and read on several occasions that leaving your laptop plugged in all the time isn’t good for the battery and should be avoided. That said, I’ve also read that the computer doesn’t receive full power unless it IS plugged in so some tasks (high process work like video and such) requires you to be plugged in, so it’s all a craps shoot in the end.

      Enjoy your new baby. A person’s first mac is such an amazing experience. And these new MBP are incredible machines. You picked a good time to jump on the bus!

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