So last week was a bit of a fail, sorry about that. See, on top of a mess of an essay and a take home exam, I also happen to be writing a “senior year paper” also known as a thesis. We have a very turbulent relationship this thesis and I.  Some days, I’m in love with it, but some days I’m kicking myself for choosing — that’s right, I didn’t have to do this, this was a choice — to write a thirty page monolith when I could be sleeping/ eating/ on Pinterest / painting my dresser / looking at shoes / enjoying my last six weeks living in Toronto/ drinking.

Finally, I’m just in the editing and adding stages. The thing is written, it just has to be polished: things need to be added, questions need better answering, semi-colons need to be deleted, etc.

This is my least favorite part of the paper writing process, but here I am, in the library again, working away.  I know I’m going to be proud of myself when this paper is done (it’s actually pretty cool), but for right now it’s a bit of a slog.

2 days until full freedom and the beginning of the rest of my life.

ALSO, it’s official: I’m moving to Boston.



If you’re curious — not everyone is — my thesis is on “how the use of the commonplace book was fundamentally different in the modernist literary period because of the emerging use of the medium to develop of the poetic individual through the creation of a private world, which then in turn influenced original public voice. An examination of the practice of commonplacing by two modernist authors – Virginia Woolf and W.H. Auden – will illustrate the range of ways the modernists approached the medium and the construction of individual personality in a turbulent world” (quoting me).

Happy Monday!


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