Oldies but Goodies

Is music a big part of your life? I can not in any way work with music on, so during the school year I don’t tend to listen to music much (plus my ipod is dead), but nothing beats going home to California, jumping in my dad’s car and listening to a great playlist, especially late at night on my way back from a friends house when I can sing a long as loud as I want. See, my dad is super into music. In a lot of ways I associate my dad with music (he took me to my first concert when I was seven: The Spice Girls).  We used to listen to the oldies station in the car together and for every. single. song. he would ask, “who is this Emma?” I never knew the answer and to this day, I still usually don’t know the answer, but I’ve kinda been on a bit of an oldies kick lately, re-discovering the songs I still somehow know all the lyrics to.

Here are a couple of my favorites:


apparently Glee did a cover  of Wedding Bell Blues replacing “Bill” with “Will”….

Also, my dad will probably roll his eyes at all three of these songs (said in my head with a total tone of endearment)…


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