Today is my last undergraduate class of my undergraduate career.

I’m having one of those days where I know in my brain that this is happening, but don’t feel it in my body yet.  I still have two papers to write and one take home test to complete, but as of three-o’clock today, that’s it, no more classes. Yesterday was my last test ever and oh boy was I happy about that one, but between you and me, I would be surprised if I didn’t end up crying at some point today.

University has been everything I’ve wanted it to be and more. I wouldn’t trade my time at U of T for anything (anything) in the world. That picture up there, that’s my rare book library. It’s one of the most extensive university rare book libraries in North America, and I got to study there.  Boggles the mind really.

I feel incredibly blessed, grateful, sad, excited, elated, nervous today.


2 thoughts on “DONE

  1. Dear Emma,
    Congratulations on finishing, and on becoming an adult–unless, that is, you head off to do a Master’s somewhere. Watch out! In my opinion, most fulltime academics never grow up, which might be fun for them but is tiresome for the rest of us who graduated some time ago. Anyway, cry if you must, but spend more time being happy because now you can do anything you want. Good luck!

    • Dear Greg,
      Thank you! That is very true. I definitely look forward to the next stage of my life, it’s just always hard to let go of something that has been such a big part of your life for so long.

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