Alone Time

Nathan is off this weekend to visit Providence/ Brown and scope out the joint, but I am stuck in Toronto to enjoy the lovely weather, not spend 20 hours in the car over 3 days and work my little butt off. Basically, I get the wholllllllllllllllle weekend to myself.

As “girl-y” as it is, I hate it when Nathan’s gone. I don’t sleep as well and don’t end up being as productive, but I also kinda like it. I get to eat what I want and watch what I want and take up the whole entire bed. I usually bake and clean things. Saturday morning I’m probably going to Skype with Leigh for about four hours. Having time for myself is always nice, but I’m always happy when he comes back.

What about you? Do you crave alone time or like having people around constantly?


and to crazy internet trolls that might see this: I HAVE OTHER ROOMMATES AND AM IN NO WAY TOTALLY ALONE (now my mom can rest easy).


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