Vanity Fair

Not to pick favorites, but Vanity Fair is my favorite magazine. It’s smart, it’s well written, it’s both contemporary and vintage (hello article on Jackie O next to article on the legacy of The Washington Post). You have articles on war, politics, celebrity, and contemporary culture all in one neat package. I remember reading a particularly riveting article in Vanity Fair a couple of years ago detailing Harvard’s dwindling endowment fund, and then there is the infamous Christopher Hitchens article on water-boarding (yowza).  The golden ring of my publishing dreams is to work for Vanity Fair.

Because not only are they so smart and classy and clean, but they also do stuff like set up a photo-booth at their annual Academy Awards party and let celebrities loose to just do their thing.

Highly entertaining and oh-so charming.

they are so cute!

(also: blarggggggggggggggggggg I have a cold. the worst timing ever.)




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