Making Jam

oh my gosh, it is SO WARM today you guys. Seriously it is 60 degrees outside right now.  I am only wearing ONE pair of socks (instead of the usual 2-3). Guess that groundhog was wrong, hunh?

Moving on, have you ever made jam?

I have very particular jam preferences (I don’t like chunks) and was wondering how easy it would be to make my own jam…

Canadian Living magazine has apparently anticipated this need and has a really lovely website full of scrumptious sound jam recipes like classic strawberry and strawberry vanilla (I only really like Strawberry jam).

It seems pretty simple, but I dunno, I’m skeptical. Are you familiar with Amelia Bedelia? The house keeper who is a wreck at everything but whose one redeeming quality (and the sole reason she isn’t seriously fired) is that she makes pitch perfect lemon meringue pies? Amelia and I have a lot in common. Sometimes simple tasks, not so simple.

What do you think? Jam making: worth a try or pass?


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