Ten Minute Break

This is my ten minute break from essay writing.  Graduation looks more and more appealing with each essay I have to churn out. Scrambling to finish something is seriously the worst. It’s almost as bad as on campus food options in the EJ Pratt library vicinity (translation: I’m freakin’ hungry and I seriously think my body will rebel if I eat another bag of vending machine Doritos). Tomorrow, there will be sleep, and pancakes because I still have a cup of buttermilk in the refrigerator… Why is it that they only sell buttermilk in quart cartons? WHY? I would pay the same price for less buttermilk just to avoid wasting the extra.




Have a lovely weekend! I hope it’s essay-less.


4 thoughts on “Ten Minute Break

  1. I am spending my ten minute break on yr blog because I forgot you had one until you mentioned it yesterday. YEAH.

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