Bad Habits

I have developed the worst habit over the past two months: snooze button slapping.

My alarm goes off, I wake up, I hit the snooze button, sleep for eight minutes, it goes off again, the cycle repeats for at least a half an hour.  Then I’m racing to get to class on time.

I’ve tried putting it across the room with no avail (I just get up, turn is off and bring it to bed with me).

Any suggestions? What are your horrible habits.

(while writing this, I keep typing “habbits” instead of “habit” and now can only picture nuns in extraordinarily ugly habbits walking about, haha!)


4 thoughts on “Bad Habits

  1. Snooze alarms are truly evil. You (I) can’t really get back to sleep, so you (I) just lay there and wait for the snooze alarm to go off again. Break the habit and just get up when it’s time.

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