Existential Question of the Day: Tea or Coffee?

What do you think, hunh? How do you start your day? I am, 100% — no exceptions ever — a tea drinker. My mornings pretty much always start with a nice hot cup or travel mug of very dark (let seep for at a minimum of five minutes) English Breakfast tea (ew Earl Grey) with a hint of milk and sugar. One of the many super glorious things about England was that it was incredibly easy to get a good cup o’ tea. That “awake” stuff at Starbucks is not in any way what I’m talking about.

On the other hand, my significant other, Nathan, is a coffee fiend. He drinks tea, but really he’s all about coffee, coffee, coffee. I dunno, maybe I should just break up with him now, clearly it’s not meant to be…


Weigh in! Which do you prefer? A nice cup of jo? Or a spot of tea? Inquiring minds wanna know! Either way, happy last day of January!


4 thoughts on “Existential Question of the Day: Tea or Coffee?

  1. I’m tea at home and coffee outside the house kind of person. It’s weird but I don’t drink tea at cafes or restaurants and rarely take coffee at home. So i’ll say both :)

    • I always have issue buying tea in a cafe, all you’re really paying so much for is the water and the tea bag! Making coffee at least has some skill involved.
      thanks for stopping by! :)

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