Surviving Winter: Coats

To continue with our theme of numerating the tips tonight, I have four criteria for the all essential winter coat:

Make sure it covers your butt

Make sure it will keep you dry

Make sure it has a hood (that stays up).

A formal lining is plus

Only now that I have a big beautiful lined winter coat (thanks Kara!) do I understand how important a great coat is. Sometimes in cold weather, you’ll be standing on a street corner and a big gust of wind will hit against you but not make you cold. That is how you know you have a good coat.

Some example include:

The immensely expensive and immensely popular TNT parka :

The classic Lands End adorable duffel coat:

A detachable wool lining from Asos (ooo, ahhh):

You are literally going to be living (all day every day) in whatever you buy, so pick carefully. I think that is the theme of these posts, pick carefully.

PS: I just made these and they are FREAKING DELICIOUS and SO FREAKING EASY. Ugh I’m going to eat them allllllll.


2 thoughts on “Surviving Winter: Coats

  1. I bought one of the TNA parkas for this season, but a newer style than the one pictured. The zipper is such a goddamn hassle! The stupid little zipper pull is awkward and the thing always gets stuck. You have to insert it at a weird angle to get it to pull up right.
    Other wise, it’s great, if you don’t mind just holding your coat closed for short trips from the car to the house.

    You’re right, getting a coat that covers you bum is a MUST. A few years ago, everyone was wearing those stupid, cheap “coats” from Stitches that barely made it to the top of their pants. No one dresses for the weather in Toronto. See Montreal, now they know how it goes!

    Great post ;D

    • really?! I don’t actually own a TNA parka, but I’ve never heard that, how awful! the one sucky thing about my coat is that it buttons up and the top one is always coming undone. Can’t someone make a cute affordable coat that actually functions properly haha?

      I totally agree about Torontonians btw, fashion definitely comes before function here. I don’t know how women manage to wear stiletto heals in January and not break something, but somehow they manage.

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