Surviving Winter: The Basics

Welcome to Emma’s Winter Survival Guide! Today let’s go over the basics of how to survive winter.

FIRST: check the weather every day.

In California when it’s sunny outside, it’s probably more or less warm depending on the time of year. In Toronto during the winter, there might be a big beautiful cloudless sky and still ring in at seven degrees Fahrenheit. It’s always safe to assume it’s freezing and prepare for the worst. Which brings me to point number two.

TWO: Do not leave the house without a hat/ gloves at least in your bag.

Frozen ears are the worst behind frozen fingers. Even if you don’t think you’ll need them because you checked the weather and it’s only going to be twelves degrees Fahrenheit instead of seven, BRING GLOVES. (Honestly, I probably wouldn’t even be going outside if it was that cold).

THREE: The wind is your worst enemy.

I feel like this is a truth everywhere on the planet. Even in California, where it doesn’t get that cold, a nice strong wind can take it from a chilly day to a downright freezing day. Which is why I direct you to number four.

FOUR: Layers are your best friend.

When I moved to this arctic tundra (I joke) no one informed me that in order to wear normal people non-plastic snow pants all the time and still have legs by April, I needed to start wearing leggings/tights underneath my jeans. I distinctively remember coming back from one particularly chilly November day and asking my then-roommate how you prevent frozen thighs, but I don’t think she understood my question because she said that most people just wear jeans. NOT TRUE. Most people wear jeans + leggings, and if you are me, + 2 to 3 pairs of socks.

Any questions, comments, complaints?

Tomorrow we’ll start with the clothing recommendations! Hope everyone is staying warm!

Bonus insider tip: hot beverages are the best.


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