A Cold/ The Cold

Unfortunately I am starting of this (my last semester of school ever) with a cold. Typically, I am blessed with a great immune system and rarely get colds (I can’t really remember the last one I had), meaning I tend toward the side of whiny when I do get sick.

Whine, Whine, Whine, Sick, Sick, Sick, SNEEZE.

At least this happened at the beginning as opposed to the end of the semester right? Not like I can miss class either way. I’m just going to drown my sorrows in tea until I have to drag my snot-filled body to class (whiny AND dramatic, a winning combination).

Also, this country isn’t worth being so cold if there isn’t any snow.


Also, happy appendix-versary!





One thought on “A Cold/ The Cold

  1. Emma, next time you get a cold, use Cold FX. It really works–but only if you take it at the first sign of cold symptoms. Sounds like it’s too late to use now Plus you can’t get it in the States.. Se you Friday.

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