Well, 11 hours of travel time, two flights and one bus and I am back in Toronto and today is my last first day of class at least in the near future. Right now is also the first time I’ve realized that (translation: I’m now crying (only on the inside)).

There is also no snow here.  What the heck is that about? Personally, I find it really unsettling, but there is also nothing I can do about it.

So here is to new years, last terms, snow, hope and pretty women.




We will now return to our regularly scheduled programming.


One thought on “Future.

  1. Emma, Welcome home! Or, at least, to Toronto, your second home. As for no snow, if you were a real Torontonian you’d be celebrating. Here it is, halfway through the winter and we haven’t had winter. Now that’s a winter to savour. Please tell me you followed up with Stan Bevington and looked into the design courses at Ryerson. Have you decided what you are going to do in September? Have yuo considered working for a year to make some money and see what the real world is like? For what it’s worth, I took my second year off as an undergrad, and while I didn’t return with much money, I sure came back to academic life a lot more mature and a lot better student. Just a thought.

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