Holiday Cheer

Sorry for being absent for the past two days, I took a surprise trip to Los Angeles to visit my friend Leigh! Everything had to be very hush hush because she didn’t know I was coming until I was at her door.  Here’s how it went down:

Leigh: Hey!

Me: Hey!

Leigh: How are you?

Me: I’m good! How are you?

Leigh: I’m good.

Me: I have a surprise for you?

Leigh: Oh yeah?

Me: I’m at your front door! At least I think it’s your front door, there’s a call box.

Leigh: No you’re not?!

Me: Yes, yes I really am!!

Leigh: YOU ARE?!

Me: YES!!

She came down, there was much hugging and we promptly went on up to where Matt, her boyfriend and my partner in crime (he helped me set the whole thing up), was waiting. It was a really great two days.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and happy holidays!!

PS. It finally snowed in Toronto apparently! I better come back to a winter wonderland!


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