Coping Mechanism

While taking my lunchtime break from studying today, it dawned on me that all my stress coping techniques can be boiled down into one common denominator. I’ve already talked about my love of peppermint hot chocolate (maybe a little too much) so it shouldn’t be any surprise that my secret to maintaining sanity is to consume large quantities of chocolate.  I don’t really know why I didn’t see it sooner, it’s so clear!

Besides the peppermint ho-cho, I have been gnawing on/ splurging on Lindt Dark Chocolate Sea Salt chocolate bars and Haagen  Dazs Peanut Butter and Chocolate ice cream (OMG ITS SO GOOD).                                                                                    

Physically this is probably not the healthiest option, but mentally I think it’s the only thing saving me from curling up in the corner.

What are your coping techniques like? Got any (better) suggestions?



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