Presentation Jitters

I had a presentation on shame rituals as a medium in my Early Modern Media class today and got SO NERVOUS! I haven’t had a presentation in a while (I can’t actually remember the last time I had to do a formal presentation), but I definitely don’t remember being so nervous.  I used to do theatre, this isn’t supposed to happen to me anymore! I had flashcards and a spiffy powerpoint but by the time they got to me — of course I was last — I had, not only butterflies, but bunnies, running around my stomach. It might have had something to do with my prof lambasting the three people who went before I did, but luckily for me when I’m nervous I tend to babble and make a lot of semi silly asides like, “I don’t know why they would use real horses during these shaming rituals since there is all this cacophony going on, that seems a little dangerous to me don’t you think?” so there were no awkward silences. It all went over very well in the end; my prof seemed pleased and one of my classmates even came up to me after class to compliment my “awesome” presentation, but, man, I hate jitters. I haaaaaaaaaate them.

(photo via Vanity Fair)

Do you get jitters or have any fullproof anti-jitter tips?


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