Mix CDs

Nate and I have just about everything planned for our grand adventure this weekend except for the music. I will, over the course of 5 days be driving 24 hours in total. That is A LOT of mix cds.  Unfortunately, it is not enough time/ mix cds to warrant buying a full length audio book. I was really excited to get something knocked off my “pleasure reading” list, but cest le vie I guess.  I’ve already downloaded 5 hours of F. Scott Fitzgerald short stories but I’d like some more options.

Do you have any short stories you love? Maybe something funny and contemporary? What about advice as to how to drive lots without becoming a zombie? I assume copious amounts of caffeine is a given.

I’ve also become recently re-obsessed with this song (ignore the typography stuff, there isn’t an official video).


5 thoughts on “Mix CDs

  1. I’ve become really fond of Nicholson Baker… but I don’t think he does short stories so much as essays. Some great stuff on reading and memory and stuff. “The Size of Thoughts” is a fantastic collection I’m partway through right now.

  2. I suspect you’re already familiar with This American Life from NPR but if not it’s probably the best show they have. You can download the most recent episode for free and every other one (their archive goes back to 1995 so there are quite a few to chose from) is $0.99

  3. Thanks guys! I do have the latest This American Life cued up: “Middle School,” this should be fun.

  4. I know that you’re already back from your trip, but I just wanted to again note that we’re the same person. I LOVE this song. Also, the book of short stories that you gave me has some really great stuff in it, if you need things for winter break.

    • ahahhaha we are totally the same person. Ooooo I might have to steal that from you if you’re done with it when I see you in December ( I don’t consider it a possibility that I won’t see you in December btw).

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