Remember when the weather used to look like this and I didn’t have to wear four sweaters inside my house to keep warm?

Also, we can now add “apple picking” to the “new Canadian experiences” list. I’ve never heard of anyone doing it in California! We have apples, but we don’t pick them? Maybe I’ve just been deprived.

Photo by Leah


2 thoughts on “Reminisce

  1. Dear Emma,
    I hadn’t realized apple-picking was a uniquely Canadian pastime. Brava to you for pointing this out. Is this also true of blueberry picking, an old Canuck custom? And surely the Yanks do as we do and go to farmers’ fields for the right (and the fun) of picking your own corn off the plants? I wish you’d write more of your observations about the differences you note–good or bad–between Canada and the States. It would be more rewarding for this reader than looking, yet again, at fashion spreads you lust after. Now, get back to reading Ulysses.

    • Dear Greg,
      I’ve never been blueberry picking either! or corn for that matter. We pick raspberries off the vine in the summer when they’re ripe, but that is more of a “when you happen upon them” kind of thing as opposed to a whole ranch devoted to the activity. I’m sure people apple pick, ect in the northern states, but in California it’s fairly uncommon. We pick pumpkins off the vine for Halloween though! Thanks for the input.

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