Downs and Ups

Today was just one of those days where I didn’t stop running/thinking/blinking/ moving/ fidgeting/analyzing and all other energy consuming verbs, all day long. I’ve been going going going since 8 am (it’s 9pm now, that’s THIRTEEN hours for the math impaired). Tomorrow looks like another tornado of to-dos and, by the way, I leave for Saratoga Spring/ Boston/ Providence/ NEW YORK CITY in 11 days.  I think might have I forgotten to share those plans.

Nate and I are taking a great American road-trip over my fall break to visit friends and invest in our mutual and individual futures.  He has meetings with grad school programs; I have meetings with publishing gurus; we both hope to go to sneak away to be tourists on Ellis Island some morning. It should be really lovely and really exciting!

But the time between now and then feels like centuries, so I’m going to curl up for an oh-so romantic evening with my new second boyfriend, Ulysseus.

Nigella Lawson’s library.


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